Should My Doors Swing In Or Out?


As a general rule of thumb, exterior doors on commercial buildings swing out, while doors on homes swing in. While the reason for commercial doors to swing out makes sense -- outswinging doors allow more people to exit quickly during an emergency -- the reasons behind residential doors swinging in is less clear. If you're planning to install new doors on your home, or you're simply wondering whether switching to outswinging doors might make more sense for your home, you'll probably find many different opinions among builders, manufacturers, door distributors and installers.

30 December 2015

Tips For Managing A Busy Office Lobby


If your office lobby is becoming busier and busier over time, then you may need to consider some strategies for managing the additional traffic in your reception area. Here are some ideas on how to keep customers happy as the crowd grows.  Offer Beverages and Snacks As your office gets busier, your customers may experience longer wait times. To keep them happy with your service, consider offering extra incentives while they wait, such as hot and cold beverages or light snacks.

22 June 2015

4 Reasons Why Your Home Could Benefit from Hurricane Windows


If you live in an area that is prone to high winds due to hurricanes, you may have experienced a broken window or two over the years. Instead of boarding your windows up with wood every single time a big storm comes, you could upgrade to hurricane windows that are impact resistant. Not only will they look great, but will give your home the following advantages that it didn't have before.

10 March 2015