4 Reasons Why Your Home Could Benefit from Hurricane Windows


If you live in an area that is prone to high winds due to hurricanes, you may have experienced a broken window or two over the years. Instead of boarding your windows up with wood every single time a big storm comes, you could upgrade to hurricane windows that are impact resistant. Not only will they look great, but will give your home the following advantages that it didn't have before.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Hurricane windows are built with strong winds in mind. That's why they do a great job at keeping your home well insulated from normal weather. A hurricane window is very high quality, and will help trap energy inside your home instead of losing it through drafts. Over time, you will see an improvement on your energy bills.

Increased Safety

The stronger hurricane windows will help keep you safe due to the strong nature of the window, just like the name implies. The impact resistant feature of the window is also going to make it much more difficult for a thief to break the glass when trying to get into your home. It is an added bonus that not many people think about when purchasing an impact resistant window for protection against the weather.

Reduced Insurance Costs

When you take steps to protect your home with better windows, you will save money on your insurance premiums. Having safety features in your home such as deadbolts, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors all lower your insurance costs, so it makes sense that an impact window would do the same thing.

Check with your insurance agent to see just how much it will save you, as it can vary based on which insurance company your policy is with. Some may offer a specific dollar amount off your premiums, while others may offer a percentage off. It will help you gradually save money over the years as you continue to live in the home.

Improved Function & Look

Having replacement windows installed, no matter what kind they are, are going to make your house look great. New windows will give your home some curb appeal, as well as update the look. Impact windows come in multiple styles, so you will have plenty of options to pick from. You will also notice noise reduction due to the higher quality windows.

Now that you are aware of some benefits of having hurricane windows, you can decide if they are best for your home. 


10 March 2015

Exploring Insulated Door Options and Benefits

Hello, I'm Gilly Weirs. I would like to discuss the importance of using insulation in your front, rear and garage doors. Although all of these doors feature seals around the edges, harsh temperatures still enter the home throughout the year. You can keep your home's temperature stable by investing in doors with an insulated inner core. Just changing my doors to insulated models dropped my utility bills significantly. I hope to share information that will inspire others to invest in these awesome door options. I will also discuss the different insulation and door types you can choose for your home. I will regularly explore door material and build advancements in this quick moving industry. Thank you for stopping by.