Tips For Managing A Busy Office Lobby


If your office lobby is becoming busier and busier over time, then you may need to consider some strategies for managing the additional traffic in your reception area. Here are some ideas on how to keep customers happy as the crowd grows. 

Offer Beverages and Snacks

As your office gets busier, your customers may experience longer wait times. To keep them happy with your service, consider offering extra incentives while they wait, such as hot and cold beverages or light snacks. The cost of a few snacks could be minimal compared to the cost of losing clients. 

Upgrade Your Door

With many people coming in and out of your building, energy savings can be a huge consideration. Both automatic doors and revolving doors can save energy, since they provide a tighter seal between the indoor and outdoor spaces and limit the amount of time that the door remains open. However, studies show that revolving doors are used less consistently than automatic doors, so automatic door may be the best bet. 

Having an automatic door could also improve the flow through your building and show that you care about your customers' time and convenience. As your business grows, you can manage traffic by using automatic doors that separate entering and exiting clients. An automatic door installation and repair service company like Access Door & Glass Inc, can give you estimates on upgrading your door to a more state-of-the-art model. 

Promote Your Business

While you have customers waiting in your reception area, this is a great chance to promote yourself a little further. Keep engaging reading materials in your office, including explanations of your services and the benefits of working with you. If you have a TV in your lobby, consider creating an infomercial about your services that you can plan periodically. 

Automate Your Appointments

Technology can be a great tool for managing a large volume of people in your reception area. Many high-tech offices are beginning to use tablets for clients to check in for their appointments, provide any additional information, and learn about the services they are receiving. For instance, a doctor or therapeutic service could use tablets to collect symptoms and health conditions as the patient waits. A design or creative service could have clients walk through aesthetic options and give more information on what they're looking for. 

Your business could also consider an automated appointment system that provides updates if appointments will be delayed. This way, clients won't need to rush in simply to sit and wait. 

In some ways, you can use a busy lobby to your advantage. If you manage your office area well, clients will be able to see how well your business can deal with fast-paced situations. By offering great hospitality and increased convenience to your clients, you are likely to see your business continuing to grow. 


22 June 2015

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