What To Do After A Home Break-In


Home break-ins can be nerve-wracking, but there is often a lot of work to do afterwards to protect yourself and potentially recover some of your losses. Here are some ideas for steps to take after a home break-in. Protect Yourself The first thing to do is protect yourself to make sure that the robber won't get anything else from you. This includes securing the break-in point, checking your bank balances, and alerting police about the incident.

2 November 2016

5 Preventative Maintenance Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Garage Doors


If you have a garage, this summer, take a little time to invest in some maintenance care. Here are five things you can do that will help protect your garage doors. #1 Tighten Hardware The first thing you need to do is inspect all of the hardware on your garage door. Take a rag and wipe down and away any dirt that you find on the hardware. Then, make sure that the hardware is secure.

5 July 2016