How to Repair Commercial Automatic Doors: Tips and Tricks


Automatic doors are an essential component in commercial buildings. They simplify access to buildings by providing a seamless entry and exit. These doors are convenient for everyone, especially those who have disabilities. The doors are also an essential element in ensuring that the building is secure. However, like any other device, automatic doors may encounter issues that require repair. This post will discuss tips and tricks on how to repair commercial automatic doors.

First, assess the issue with the automatic door. Before repairing the door, you have to diagnose the issue. You can start by inspecting the door to identify any visible signs of damage. Check if the automatic door is hanging unevenly, making noise, or failing to open and close correctly. By identifying the issue, you will save time and money by addressing the cause of the malfunction.

Secondly, troubleshoot the system. If the automatic door does not open or close, troubleshoot the system. The system has several control components, including the sensors, gears, controllers, and circuit boards. Check the condition and connection of the cables, wires, and power sources. If the problem is the control box, check if the fuses and circuit breakers are intact. You may also check if the commands are in the correct position and that the sensor's reflection is clean and undisturbed.

Thirdly, check the mechanical components of the automatic door. Most automatic doors run on gears, pulleys, and belts. If the system makes unusual noises or is struggling to operate, then it is possible that the mechanical components may have sustained some damage. Check if the door's motion is smooth, and make note of any areas of resistance.

Fourthly, clean and lubricate the automatic doors. Remove any debris and clean the door surfaces. Lubricate the tracks and mechanical components with approved lubricants. Lubrication will not only remove any grime and dirt but will also protect the components from wear and tear.

Finally, test the repaired automatic doors. After repairing, test the automatic doors to ensure that they are working correctly. Thoroughly test the functionality of the automatic door to ensure smooth and safe operation. A proper evaluation will help discover any undetected problems and ensure that the system is optimized to maximize performance and efficiency.

In conclusion, repairing automatic doors may seem like a daunting task, but it's important to ensure the safety and convenience of everyone in the building. Proper maintenance, inspection, and troubleshooting of your automatic door system is essential in ensuring that it is in good condition and provides optimal performance. As always, professional help is available if the repairs require more in-depth attention. Regular maintenance and inspection will limit the number of repairs required and won't compromise the safety and convenience the automatic doors provide.

For more info about commercial automatic door repair, contact a local company. 


31 August 2023

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