5 Reasons to Choose Mobile Window Screen Repair


Good screens are a must for your home. They keep out insects and cut down on the amount of dirt that comes in when the windows are open. Torn and damaged screens require prompt replacement, and a mobile service can be the best option for doing so.

1. Less Effort

Take out your windows screens and transporting them to a repair center can take a lot of time and effort on your part. Plus, once the repairs are made you may need to pick them up and reinstall them yourself. A mobile tech comes to you and handles all aspects of the repair for you. You don't have to lift a finger during any part of the repair process. This frees up your time to do the things you enjoy.

2. Quicker Service

Mobile professional repair is much quicker than trying to DIY a repair since the techs have the tools and knowledge to do the job correctly and quickly. It also takes less time than taking the screens to a repair center, which can take several days. Mobile repairs are completed on the same day they are begun, even if you are having all the screens replaced on an average-sized home. 

3. Cost-Effective

When it comes to full-service repair options where removal, repair, and installation are all handled by the techs, getting mobile repairs is the most cost-effective option. A full-service remote repair service will charge you for two house calls—one to take down the screens and a second to reinstall them. Doing these parts yourself saves money, but costs you time. A mobile service will only charge for one house call since all repairs are made on-site.

4. Custom Options

Pre-made window screens are available, which can seem like a quick alternative to repairing the screens on your home. Unfortunately, this isn't an option if you have custom window sizes or shapes. A mobile service will fit the new screens to your existing windows and doors. They can even re-screen custom-built enclosures, such as patio screen walls or pool screens. Many services also provide a range of screen types, such as metal pet damage resistant screening.

5. Thorough Repairs

Sometimes it's not just the screens that are damaged, but frame components as well. Screen repair services have the tools, knowledge, and equipment to repair wood and metal screen frames. They can also build new frames to fit the windows, if necessary. A screen is only as secure as its frame, after all. 

Contact a mobile window screen repair service for more help.  


13 October 2021

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