4 Types Of Doors To Use Inside Your Home


If the doors inside your home are getting older or you don't like the style of them anymore, now is a great time to update your interior doors. There are multiple types of interior doors you can use in your home.

Door Type #1: Passage Doors

Passage doors are the most common type of doors used inside homes. Passage doors are hung on two or more hinges and are designed to swing open and closed. You can purchase just the door itself or buy a kit with the door frame and hinges all attached.

These doors are usually easy to install and come in various designs, from a simple wood door to one with more intricate carvings on the door.

Door Type #2: Bifold Doors

Another type of door you can use inside of your home is a bifold door. With a bifold door, the door is situated on a sliding rail that is installed across the top and bottom of the door.

The door is designed so that it folds in half, usually outwardly. Bifold doorings are more commonly used in enclosed areas, such as a closet or a pantry, and are generally not used for more open areas, such as a bedroom.

Door Type #3: Pocket Doors

A pocket door is excellent in an area without a lot of space. With a pocket door, the door slides back into a hidden space inside of your wall so that when you slide the pocket door fully open, the door recedes into a "pocket" in the wall.

These doors are great because they slide in and out of the wall, providing you with lots of space without taking up significant space in your home. Pocket doors are a great way to maximize your floor space.

Door Type #4: French Doors

Another type of door that you can use inside of your home is French doors. French doors can provide a lot of style and drama to your home. With French doors, they are best used in rooms where you want the doors to be a focal point.

For example, you can use French doors to your bedroom or your family room. French doors look great when you have room for two doors to be next to each other. You need to have space for the doors to swing open and meet in the middle.

When it comes to replacing your interior doors, it is important to understand that you have options. You can install a basic passage door, a bifold door, a pocket door, or a French door. Talk with a door replacement contractor, and see what doors will work best in your home.  


29 October 2020

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Hello, I'm Gilly Weirs. I would like to discuss the importance of using insulation in your front, rear and garage doors. Although all of these doors feature seals around the edges, harsh temperatures still enter the home throughout the year. You can keep your home's temperature stable by investing in doors with an insulated inner core. Just changing my doors to insulated models dropped my utility bills significantly. I hope to share information that will inspire others to invest in these awesome door options. I will also discuss the different insulation and door types you can choose for your home. I will regularly explore door material and build advancements in this quick moving industry. Thank you for stopping by.