Selecting A Garage Door For A Narrow Garage


While one car garages are less common, they are often used by those who live in narrow homes, especially in the city. One car can be parked in the driveway area while the other car can be inside the garage. Condos that offer drive up access will often have one car garages, especially in major metropolitan areas. If you are purchasing a narrow home and you are having a one car garage built, you will need to select the proper garage door system. Here are some tips for choosing an overhead door system for a narrow garage. 

Find a whisper opener system

A garage door is often one of the noisiest systems in a home. If you have close neighbors, you may not want to annoy them with the garage. If you or your family often have to hear the garage door opening and closing at all hours, it is a good idea to invest in a silent or whisper system. A whisper system will decrease the mechanical noise from the garage door being opened or closed. Install this system along with the door to make sure that your garage is built with the consideration of decreasing noise around your home. 

Choose an eye-catching design

Having a garage door that blends into your home is often the goal, however, this does not have to be the case with a one door garage. Since one car garages take up less space, this is the one area that you can decorate with ease without having to decorate the entire exterior of the home. Choose a design that works well with your exterior aesthetic such as rustic modern with a sleek barn door. If you want a more modern city design, have a frosted glass door created with a white stencil design to create an eye-popping garage design.

Consider a "french door" garage

Even if you only park one car in your garage, the entry and exit are often useful for a multitude of reasons. Bringing heavy items into the home or moving heavy items in and out is common via the garage. Look at designs that have the garage door open similar to french doors. These doors open out and open on both sides. This will allow you to an exit and entry method for those who wish to walk in and out through the garage without having to access the wall or car sensor system. This type of door design works well for those who want to make their garage the main point of entry for their home. 


6 September 2018

Exploring Insulated Door Options and Benefits

Hello, I'm Gilly Weirs. I would like to discuss the importance of using insulation in your front, rear and garage doors. Although all of these doors feature seals around the edges, harsh temperatures still enter the home throughout the year. You can keep your home's temperature stable by investing in doors with an insulated inner core. Just changing my doors to insulated models dropped my utility bills significantly. I hope to share information that will inspire others to invest in these awesome door options. I will also discuss the different insulation and door types you can choose for your home. I will regularly explore door material and build advancements in this quick moving industry. Thank you for stopping by.